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About school

Treasuring talent, developing individuality

At the Primary School attached to Seitoku University, we ensure that our educators encourage balanced development of their students in all areas—— intellectual, emotional and physical. We place particular stress on three things: We are thinking and seeking for “human education”.

●Being considerate of others
●Joy in learning
●Carrying things through to completion

We respect the curious and high-spirited nature of children while guiding them to observe good manners in their interactions with others.

Education with an emphasis on individuality

We try to develop the interests and talents of each individual child. As such, we also attach great importance to thought processes.
In order to ensure that students develop into well-rounded individuals, we attempt to nurture each child’s desire for knowledge, sense of initiative, judgement, self-expression and a wide range of other qualities that are not easily measured through academic tests.

Instruction designed to help students gain admission into leading private junior hign school

In order to help our students pass the rigorous tests of private junior high schools, we focus on the key subjects—Japanese, math, natural sciences, and social studies. We do not just cram facts into students’ heads, but seek to develop their powers of reasoning. To this end, we carefully explain every concept in as many ways as it takes to ensure that every student understands fully. A child’s naturally curious nature is a precious asset, and we try hard to nature it.

If you hope to watch our school, please contact us by telephone or E-mail.